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Our campers span a range of manufacturers and designs. Discover innovative features, explore custom options and calculate prices below:

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  1. ECamper | Standard


    From: $5,950.00

    To: $9,775.00

    We can convert any Honda Element made!  

    If the Element does not have a sunroof, an access way will be installed as part of the conversion.   Details about each option are available here, but broadly the options include

    • Cosmetic options, such as painting the top or complete camper to match or contracts the vehicle
    • Utility options, adding rack mounts, rack systems or mounting points
    • Convenience options, adding either  USB or 12V outlets

    The pricing for an ECamper conversion includes installing the camper, mattresses, LED lighting in the tent and adding the rear handle to the hatch.  Prices can increase based on the following:

    • Does the Element have the factory rear sunroof?
    • Does the Element have XM Radio?
    • What options will be added?
    • Where will the Element be converted?

    We have two conversion facilities, Portland Oregon and San Diego, California.  Out the door prices for these locations are very similiar, we encourage customers to select their location based on convenience and interest in the local area.

    • Pricing for the Portland location includes a shipping charge between our factory and Portland.  There is no sales tax in Oregeon.
    • Pricing for the San Diego location does not include the California 8.25% sales tax.. This will be added at checkout to the order to reflect the total.


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  2. J30 / Options - rack mounts windows

    J30 Pop Up Camper (JK)

    From: $6,550.00

    To: $13,125.00

    Our J30 Hard Top for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited®* transforms your vehicle into a versatile off-road pop up camper, with a sleek, streamlined profile that minimizes wind noise, maintains fuel economy and adds about 10 inches to the Jeep height. This hard top is a complete replacement, made through infused composite construction to save weight. It also insulates the interior, dampens noise and won't corrode.

    The camper will fit any 4 door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited from 2007 through the 2018 Model Year (JK Series)  

    For the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JL Series, please select the J30L Hard Top (expected spring 2018)


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  3. J30 JL Series - Coming Summer 2018

    J30 Pop Up Camper for JL

    From: $6,550.00

    To: $11,275.00

    Coming Soon - JL series camper 

    We've been asked if we will do a kickstarter or siimilar in order to launch a new JL camper, but after 10 years of building campers we've got this down to a process, and will just put it up for preorder here!   

    Our original J30 Hard Top for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited®* transformed the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited into compact camper, and we're getting ready to do the same for the new totally redesigned 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.    While the easy operation, low weight and fast set up remain the same as our current JK series, this is a totally new camper designed specifically for the new JL version.

    Sound good?  You can configure your camper and place a pre-prder deposit to lock in an early build in the schedue at the same price as our current J30 camper. 

    Unlike orders for current production, any pre-order deposit paid to Ursa Minor is 100% refundable up to the day the product is launched. At launch, all pre-orders will be contacted with delivery dates and the order finalized.   Once finalized, the deposit will then be converted into our usual down payment for the production unit.


    • J30L will fit any 4 door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited from 2018 Model Year (JL Series)  US and Rest of World, any engine any trim
    • The top is a complete replacement top, you can sell or store your existing Jeep hard or soft top.  While the top should work if the OEM top is the pending sunroof version, it's probably better to go with just a regular basic hard top if you are ordering or purchasing a Jeep as that top will have better resale value.
    • Expected launch will be late May, with production starting mid June 2018
    • Current pre-orders booked for all slots through mid July 2018  (updated 3-29-18)
    • Photos and concept drawings will be added here as developed but the camper will look very simiilar to existing J30 production
    • At this time, we are not working on a J180 version for the JL, there's too many other campers in process
    • We will offer a J30T for the 2019 Jeep JL Truck after it launches, but that will be a completely new product pre-order page

    For a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK Series, please select the J30K Hard Top 


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3 Item(s)

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