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Honda Element Camper
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Recent News and Updates

01-01-18 Happy New Yearr- This website is going to upgrade for 2018!  Thanks for checking out our campers, as we work on new content, this site remains fully available for ordering (but may have missing content or links as we upgrade)

07-01-16 Ursa Minor Vehicles is expanding, we have opened a 2nd location in Portland, Oregon for our customers in the Pacific Northwest (or anyone who wants to visit the area during a conversion.) The facility is converting Elements and also installing our J30 campers. 

08-25-14  JP MagazineJP Magazine reviews the latest Ursa Minor J30 camper top in the September issue

05-16-14:  ranks a Jeep with our Ursa Minor J30 camper top as one of six ultimate adventure vehicles!

01-01-14:  New generation designs for J30 and ECamper in production. Headroom increased by 12", all stainless steel hinges and new fabrics for the interior pads!

2018 Trade Shows and Events
Easter Jeep Safari Moab, Utah Mar 29 - Mar 30 Ursa Minor Vehicles - Outdoor Venue Jeep J30
Overland Expo West Flagstaff, Arizona May 20 - 22     Ursa Minor Vehicles - Booth # pending       Jeep
SEMA Las Vegas, Nevada Oct - Nov Ursa Minor Vehicles - Booth # pending TBD
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