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Our customers are part of a unique tribe.  Wanderlust binds them to the road, leading to amazing journeys and remarkable adventures.   Gathered below are a few owner's blogs. While the photos alone may inspire you to see more of the world, there's a lot of useful information on travel and camping as well.  You may notice that our campers are not the stars of these tales, they are merely supporting actors.
The Oasis of my Soul...life under the starts

The Oasis of my Soul

Since 2006, Ara & his faithful canine Spirit have roamed the US by motorcyle, exploring remote places while capturing the sky, the land and the road in amazing photos.  A minimalist at heart, check out his one pan gourmet recipes and kitchen set up.  You might catch a mention of "Sherpa," ECamper #207 occasionally as well.


The Darien Plan covers a multi-year overland adventure from San Francisco to Tierra del Fuego, with a fantastic array of photos and travel insights about the journey and the logistics.  ECamper #007 remains one of the most traveled campers we've built!

If you know of others we should add, or would like your blog added, just let us know.