J30 Factory Install - active Sirius and GPS

J30 Factory Installation with Sirius/GPS antenna relocation


J30 Factory Installation, including relocating the Sirius satellite radio / GPS antenna.

Installation on a stock Jeep Wrangler Unlimited includes

1. Removal of OEM top and hardware

2. Connection of camper wiring harness

3. Setting J30 camper on Jeep, fastening and any alignment.

4. Relocating the factory Sirius/SPS satellite antenna ifrom the roll cage to the front fascia.

Note:   The Sirius/GPA antenna is located on the passenger side of the roll cage B pillar bracket, under the roll bar padding.  Jeep has used this antennal for both Sirius and GPS signals depending on the trim and radio package.   Relocating the Sirius/GPS antenna ensures a clear signal to these systems..   If the camper is installed before moving the antenna, it can be very difficult to reach the antenna once the camper is installed.  The satellite data signal will be blocked by the camper, which contains conductive carbon fiber.  Blocking the signal leads to gaps in the Sirius playback and loss of navigation location on the GPS.  

This antenna does not need to be relocated if:

- The stereo has been replaced by a non-Jeep aftermarket head unit with a separate satellite antenna or GPS pick up

- The stereo does not have the Sirius satellite radio feature

- The Sirius system is in-active (non-subscriber)

- The antenna has previously been moved

(If the Jeep stereo does not offer Sirius satellite radio, or have navigation, select the no Sirius/GPS installation option.)

Additional charges may apply in some cases, such as:

- Aftermarket accessories that must be removed and replaced to allow camper installation

- Any modifications on the vehicle that slow installation, such as custom wiring, additional hardware, big lifts or external lights

- Custom work requested as part of installation, including wiring of SPOD switches, additional lights,  and adding other accessories.

- Work requested outside of standard hours,such as after hours or on weekends

Any additional charges are based on a $130 per hour shop rate, $150 per hour overtime rate, including weekends. 

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