XM Radio Antenna Relocation

XM Radio Antenna Relocation
  • The new XM is a small disc mounted on top of the camper
  • Note the FM antenna is relocated in all ECamper conversions for no extra charge

On every ECamper Conversion we move the rear roof mounted AM/FM antenna as part of the conversion 

For only the 2005 to 2011 Honda Element EX trim models, Honda included the hardware for Sirius/XM satellite radio. 

  • This is a subscription based system, and requires an active account at Sirius with monthly or annual payments to keep it functional. 
  • It is turned on using a button on the head mounted radio.
  • The roof mounted antenna is used for AM/FM and the base includes a satellite reciever for Sirius/XM Satellite radio within the assembly.
For the 2005 to 2011 EX vehicles the factory Sirius/XM satellite antenna must be relocated to ensure good reception for the Sirius/XM radio. 

Does relocation have to be done? No, this option is.....totally optional,.  

The Sirius/XM antenna does not need relocation if:

      • you no longer subscribe to Sirius/XM service
      • you have replaced the original factory radio with an aftermarket head unit, even if that new system has Sirius/XM  Newer systems come with a new antenna
      • you have broken the housing or antenna off.  We remove this part during conversion (the charge is for mounting a new one in an alternate location)

The Sirius/XM antenna must be relocated if

    • you have a paid, active subscription to Sirius/XM radio
    • you use your Sirius/XM radio
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