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ECamper Design

Fiberglass Carbon Fiber Honeycomb

Our cap and base unit utilize the latest in composite material technology, from specialized fiberglass and carbon fiber fabrics to a unique honeycomb core. We combine these materials in a proprietary vacuum infusion process for maximum performance and minimum weight.

Key benefits of vacuum infused composites:

  • Resistance to rust & corrosion in harsh environments
  • Exhibit long life even under extreme conditions
  • The low percentage of resin increases strength & decreases weight compared to open mold production
  • Up to 50% lighter than similar parts of steel or aluminum

Developed with few compromises, the Ursa Minor Vehicles ECamper™ blends aerodynamics and styling with engineered functionality. The result is a streamlined, lightweight sleeper assembly with minimal impact on handling or mileage, carefully crafted to deliver years of trouble free camping fun and adventure.

The fabric used for the tent wall is Sunbrella, a high quality acrylic canvas used in marine and recreational vehicles.

Exterior hardware such as latches and hinges are stainless steel.