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ECamper Conversion

ECamper Conversion

The ECamper™ conversion adds a pop-top sleeper for two onto any Honda Element®

The innovative design combines carbon-fiber material and the latest in composites manufacturing technology to minimize weight and to allow a streamlined profile which adds only 6" to the overall height of the vehicle.

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  1. ECamper | Standard


    From: $5,950.00

    To: $9,775.00

    We can convert any Honda Element made!  

    If the Element does not have a sunroof, an access way will be installed as part of the conversion.   Details about each option are available here, but broadly the options include

    • Cosmetic options, such as painting the top or complete camper to match or contracts the vehicle
    • Utility options, adding rack mounts, rack systems or mounting points
    • Convenience options, adding either  USB or 12V outlets

    The pricing for an ECamper conversion includes installing the camper, mattresses, LED lighting in the tent and adding the rear handle to the hatch.  Prices can increase based on the following:

    • Does the Element have the factory rear sunroof?
    • Does the Element have XM Radio?
    • What options will be added?
    • Where will the Element be converted?

    We have two conversion facilities, Portland Oregon and San Diego, California.  Out the door prices for these locations are very similiar, we encourage customers to select their location based on convenience and interest in the local area.

    • Pricing for the Portland location includes a shipping charge between our factory and Portland.  There is no sales tax in Oregeon.
    • Pricing for the San Diego location does not include the California 8.25% sales tax.. This will be added at checkout to the order to reflect the total.


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1 Item(s)