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Solar Charger Overview

Key benefits of PowerFilm folding panels:

Compact - Store in door pockets or under seat until needed

Versatile - Easily moved either between vehicles or to a trailer, boat or backpack. Remove them to save space when you're doing the daily commute.

Longer life
- store them inside out of inclement or sub-zero weather rather than bolted to the vehicle,

- Easy to position for optimal charging, even when the best campsite is in the shade. Hang, drape or just lie on the ground as needed to avoid shadows and obtain the best angle as the day goes by.

- 70% lighter than rigid panels - important for vehicles with low weight ratings like the Element or Jeep.


Vehicle Systems

If your Element or Jeep is coming in for conversion, we can install a complete solar charging system designed for your requirements. 

The first step is to estimate your needs, and then we can help you understand the size of panel required. Keep in mind:

  • Running a power-hungry appliance such as a microwave, heater or air conditioner is well beyond the capabilities of these panels. 

  • If you plan to use an inverter to convert the 12V DC power of the vehicle to 110 V AC, there will be significant losses and the output wattage will be reduced. 

  • A laptop running WiFi, connected to the internet, and using the graphics chip (ie, while gaming or watching a movie) will use a lot more power than when just writing a novel with the wifi off. 

  • For the Element, there is not a lot of room to add a second battery, though a larger one can be fitted. The Jeep has room for a dual-battery set up, but this is not an option we currently offer in-house.