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ECamper Prices

Pricing for an ECamper conversion is based on the following:
  • Does the Element have the factory rear sunroof?
  • Does the Element have XM Radio?
  • What options will be added?

2015 Prices:
The ECamper™ installed price depends on base vehicle, options chosen and any customization, and does not include California sales tax of 8.00%.

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Please note that all Elements to be converted must have:
  • Undamaged Body/Frame structure
  • Unaltered roof section, i.e; no aftermarket sunroofs have been installed



Access Way Installation 
  • All 2WD Elements and 2009 to 2011 Elements will require installation of an access way into the pop-up camper.
  • A sunroof was standard on 2003-2008 AWD/4WD Elements in all trim levels (DX, LX, EX.)

Access Way

Honda Body Color Match
  • The majority of Honda Element colors are metallic. By selecting the Body Color Match option, the top is painted and clear coated with the exact OEM automotive paint to match the vehicle body color based on the Honda specifications..
  • For black Elements, it is highly recommended to utilize the standard white color for the cap to reduce the heat build up on the roof and sleeping area on sunny days.

Body Color Match

Tango Red Pearl

XM Radio Antenna Relocation
  • For 2005 to 2011 EX models only, the factory XM satellite antenna must be relocated to ensure any reception.  If you no longer subscribe or have replaced the original factory radio, this is unnecessary.
  • The new XM is a small disc mounted on top of the camper
  • Note the FM antenna is relocated in all ECamper conversions for no extra charge


XM Antenna

Factory installed Yakima or Thule Rack Mounts
  • Rack mounts can be installed on the top for various Thule or Yakima rack systems. 
  • The ECamper is unable to utilize the OEM Honda Factory Racks on the camper top due to differences in how they are secured to the roof. 
  • It is always recommended to keeping loading on any racks within both Honda and the rack manufacturer's specifications.
  • Rack Bars, Locks, Pads, Towers and any other accessories desired are available on request for additional charge.


Yakima Rack Mounts

  • If your Element already has a Yakima rack system installed, we can install compatible Landing Pad mounts (LP6 ) on the ECamper. This allows you to reuse your existing bars and towers
  • If you want UMV to add Yakima mounts, but will buy your racks elsewhere, you will need Control Towers and the 58" Round Bars.

Thule TK Rack Mounts

  • If your Element already has a Thule Tracker II or Rapid Tracker rack system installed, we can install compatible TK1 mounts on the ECamper. This allows you to reuse your existing bars and towers
  • If you want UMV to add Thule mounts, but will buy your racks elsewhere, you will need the 430 Tracker II or 430R Rapid Tracker Towers and the 58" Load Bars.
  • The Tracker II rack is being discontinued by Thule, and bars/towers are not available at all retailers.  If you don't have a rack yet,or may not get one for a while, we recommend the Thule Podium series mounts


Thule TK mount

Thule Tracker II 430 and Load Bar

Thule Podium Rack Mounts

  • The Podium series is replacing the older TK series.  It offers solid bolt-on mounting.
  • If you want UMV to add Thule Podium mounts, but will buy your racks elsewhere, you will need the 460 Podium Foot Pack and 58" Load Bars or the 460R Rapid Podium Foot Pack and the 53" or 60" Rapid Aero Bars.



Thule 460 Podium Foot and Load Bar

Thule 460R Tower with Aero Bar

Thule Podium Mount with cover

12 Volt & USB outlets
  • 12 volt DC outlets with separate fuses can be installed in the interior. These are wired directly to the battery, powering accessories without needing the key in the ignition.
  • Dual USB 2.0 outlets for charging phones or electronics are also available
  • Outlets can be installed in the sleeper, the rear of the vehicle, or both locations



Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll see what we can arrange (within reason.) 

  • Extra fittings for awnings or tie-downs
  • Custom painted trim or vinyl wraps